"Every artist was first an amateur."

          -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I find I'm at my best behind a camera. Innovative thinking goes    hand in hand with being a photographer, and I'm happy to say I think quick on my feet. My photography journey started when I was 12, and I've only grown to love it more when I started capturing moments as well as things.

   There’s something so exciting about knowing you’ve caught that once in a lifetime shot, but I also still love tweaking things into perfection. Portrait work brings me an odd sort of excitement, composing and perfecting angles and lights to create art. Couples in love bring that same sort of energy, with how easy it is to fall into a session full of laughter and intimacy. I truly believe in capturing the real and the raw.


On a personal note, I love all things clean and minimal, older buildings and modern architecture have my heart. Brick and wood and pretty landscaping create perfect photos every-time. Ask me to photograph you in any downtown area and you will receive edgy rooftop photos, cute coffee shop vibes, or stunning editorial style portraits.

 -Katarina Tincher-Lopez




“Quite literally, my favorite photographer to ever shoot me. She makes me look at myself completely different. I feel like my favorite features pop without her even knowing my favorite features. My entire family adores her work as well and will be hiring her for future shoots!”