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Jim and Mary reached out to me after a friend of mine heard they were looking for a photographer. I'm so glad they did because this was the sweetest intimate wedding in the prettiest park, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

The love between these two was so obvious, from their coffee shop meeting (she saw him in a local Starbucks and knew she had to ask him out) to the custom wedding band he picked out for her.

When I arrived at the park, they were just seeing each other for the first time and when I say they were literally jumping for joy, I mean it. These two were meant for each other and it was such a joy to be a part of their special day.

Christina's been a childhood friend/next door neighbor my whole life. Growing up with her meant I knew exactly who she was looking for in a husband, and Butler is exactly what she wanted.

The first time I ever "met" him was through our break room door at work. I remember hearing Christina goofing off with someone and that someone giving straight back. He was her equal in wit and sarcasm and overall goofiness.

It took him a year or two to ask her (they were long distance for a bit), but once he did they were married within months. The wedding was perfect and the two of them gave me plenty of mid chatter faces during portraits, as they have a hard time not joking with one another. Their venue was full of sweet DIY touches, such as the custom succulent centerpieces and golden arch at their ceremony.

I love having excuses to travel to out of town friends, so when Rebecca said she was unhappy with her previous headshots I knew I had to drive down to St.Pete to help her out. I feel like these photos really better capture her kind soul and easy going spirit. If ever you're in need of a relaxing massage, book an appointment with her at Solely Therapeutic Massage.

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